Receiving Refunds From Your Clinic
Virtual Visas expire after their first use and are unable to receive refunds. Learn what to do if your vet needs to process a refund.
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GoFetch Pay virtual Visas are one-time use temporary Visa cards. Each time you pay for your vet visit a new unique card number is generated.

GoFetch Pay is unable to process refunds that are refunded to your virtual Visa unless they can be processed without the card number.

Once a virtual card has been used to pay your clinic it is not possible to re-generate or view the same card number. For security reasons, our team does not have the ability to view any card numbers.

The best way to receive a refund from your clinic if you've paid with your virtual Visa is to request they refund an alternative payment method, such as a personal credit card, debit card, cash, or check.

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